The board of directors at its annual retreat, February 9, 2012. From L to R: Mariam Hansen, Susanne Salvestrin, Bill Savidge, Kim Farmer, Helen Nelson, John Sales, Skip Lane, Shannon Kuleto, Frank Harrison.

St. Helena Historical Society Board of Directors


Skip Lane, President
Susanne Salvestrin, Vice President
John Sales, Treasurer
Bill Savidge, Secretary


Mariam Hansen
Frank Harrison
John Komes
Shannon Kuleto
Helen Heibel Nelson

Volunteer Staff:

Mariam Hansen, Research & Program Director
Helen Nelson, Collections Manager
Kim Farmer, Membership Chair & Collections Registrar
Robyn Orsini, Newsletter Editor

St. Helena Historical Society maintains an office staffed by volunteers.  We are available most weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and can be reached by calling 707-967-5502 or emailing us at shstory@shstory.org.